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Ways to Make Your Image Packaging Worthy with Eye Catching Samples

Image Packaging Worthy

Image Packaging Worthy: On a day to day basis we see several tons of diverse packaging designs, of which some of them we just stop to look at, & others we simply disregard without even observing them. Just recently, we talked about how essential is packaging for your online store business, & for today we will be looking at some stuffs you  can do to truly make your packaging outstanding, as much as provide you with some eye-striking samples.

1. Just keep it simple

It is essential that you don’t strive doing so much with your design, as keeping it simple pays. You can try this as sample by pretending you have 5 seconds to find the most vital data on your packaging. Result? Were you able to locate it? Well if not, it means your packaging requires being simplified. Furthermore – assume that you are a 70 year old person; can you peruse the most vital text on the packaging?

2. Keeping it consistent

If you are marketing a range of items/products within the same brand/service, then keep the packaging as consistent as possible. In case you have 10 diverse items/products, then do not confuse your shoppers by having 10 different packaging, just keep them consistent so they can observe a regular trend in your packaging.

3. Emotional touch

Hark back to our previous article 35 percent of the survey respondents really mentioned that they had viewed an unboxing video before, & of those 55% mentioned they ended up buying the item/product because of such video. In other term, emotions play a very big part in the products we buy, as once we feel the packaging appeals to us, then we are much more in the offing to buy the item/product.

Eye-Catching Samples

Some of the following are actual product designs, and some others are only ideas & suggestions of ways the packaging could have been implemented much better.

Festina Watches

Festina Watches

Bzzz Armenian Honey

Armenian Honey

Thelma’s Treats

Thelma's Treats

Smirnoff Caipiroska peel able bottle

Smirnof Caipiroska

Coke Vintage Packaging

Coke Vintage Packing

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese 

Craft Macaroni



Kleenex slice of summer

Kleenex Slice

Pasta La Vista

Pasta La Vista

Juice Skins

Juice Skins

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