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Bonanza-An Ecommerce Marketplace & Standalone Website Creator in One


Bonanza: Is there a prospect that some internet marketplace is precisely simpler to utilize than Amazon?

Just imagine of an interface that’s slicker than Etsy & a payment system that’s better than eBay. These marketplaces are difficult to beat, though Bonanza surely offers them a run for their cash.

The Bonanza platform permits you to create an ecommerce site with just the click of a button. It functions akin to places such as Etsy, Amazon, and eBay (in that your ecommerce website is hosted via a marketplace,) yet conferring to Bonanza, more than 50k sellers voted their structure “Best Overall Marketplace” much above eBay, Etsy and Amazon.

The objective is to aid ecommerce entrepreneurs create a thriving business, without any of the hectic job. Therefore, keep reading to find out about the reason why Bonanza might be a better solution for you.

Why does Bonanza Stand out Amongst Ecommerce Sellers?

Since Bonanza does not earn a dime before the sellers do, the danger is much lesser than if you were to post on a site such as eBay

Since Bonanza does not earn a dime before the sellers do, the danger is much lesser than if you were to post on a site such as eBay, where you might end up spending some cash prior to generating any sales. Apart from the fact that it is free to post items/products on Bonanza, sellers also find that the profit margins are much higher than as seen within other marketplaces. The average fee per sale is as minimal as 3.5 percent, which is awesomely compared to a place such as Amazon which is recognized to minus anywhere from 6 percent to 25 percent when you market your items on the platform.

Together with a completely functional marketplace, which puts your brand name before purchasers that are searching the Bonanza site, you can also build your own standalone “webshop,” which is just similar to any standard site you would utilize to expand your brand & build a distinctive online presence. Certainly, places such as Amazon & eBay deliver shop capabilities, however these are all branded, run & hosted totally via Amazon or eBay, thus you do not get that standalone presence.

Best Bonanza Features to make the most out of Your Online Shop

As far as Bonanza is both a marketplace & a standalone ecommerce platform

As far as Bonanza is both a marketplace & a standalone ecommerce platform, marketers get a wide range of features for improving their brands & bringing in more consumers to buy products/items.

To begin, let us look at some of the best features/services added within the web-store area of Bonanza:


Free Trials

The Bonanza 14-day free trial is a solid number of period to see how well the system functions for your online selling requirements. You do not require punching in any data asides your email address and you can cancel whenever – & there are zero payment requirements till you really begin making sales with your shop.

Rational Monthly Pricing

Bonanza web-stores are priced at $25 monthly. This is not a crazy low pricing, though it benefits you to know that no other charges are going to come up on you with Bonanza. Mentioning further, when you contrast the pricing with providers such as Bigcommerce & Shopify, it’s essentially more reasonably priced for similar features.

Together with good pricing, Bonanza provides zero transaction charges, which isn’t usually the case with other platforms & you can receive payments via credit card, PayPal & Amazon Checkout.

Mobile Responsiveness


With Google now cracking down on those sites which do not offer mobile responsiveness, it is important to make sure that your online shop is simply viewable on a tablet or smartphone. When you create a website with Bonanza, all the features come into place without the need for an extra mobile store, or extra coding on your side…

Free Custom Domains & Hosting

When you sign up for a Bonanza webshop – it offers you included hosting & domain collection. This means that your site is secure & fast, and you can migrate over a previous domain or choose a new one from the expediency of the Bonanza dashboard.

Customizable Themes


The main objective with Bonanza is to get your online shop up & running without all the bells & whistles. The customizable Bonanza templates are simple to choose & implement & they do not need any coding for a complete responsive & comprehensive interface.

Imports & Quick Inventory Mgmt.

Batch inventory edits are a Bonanza standout feature.

Batch inventory edits are a Bonanza standout feature. Mentioning more, you can rapidly import products/items from places such as Amazon & eBay, without the necessity for complex files. Additionally, creating a product/item from the beginning is arguably simpler than that of Amazon & eBay.

Social Integration

When you build a Bonanza webshop, it comes with seamless integration for Facebook & twitter, and that is to mean that you can connect with all of your consumers on those social networks & share stuffs such as promotions, events & behind the scenes company data.

Now, try to peep into the Bonanza marketplace standout features:


It’s totally Free to List Items/Products

Don’t worry about initial charges or payments you may have to make when your product/item does not sell. Bonanza keeps it totally free till you earn a sale.

The Fees are Super Minimal

As mentioned previously, the fees begin at around 3.5 percent for each sale.

Every Item is Sent to Google & Bing

SEO is all packed within Bonanza, meaning if a person searches for your products on Google, clearly they have a better prospect of finding your page via Bonanza.

Select from Multiple Checkout Choices 

Receive payments from Amazon Checkouts, PayPal and credit card.

Built-in Customer-Chat Tools

Several marketplaces lack in the consmer service part, but Bonanza has a smooth live chat module for you to check-in with the clients on your page & to see what queries they may have.

Now up to you…

Now that you have had an opportunity to see what Bonanza can do for your online business venture, share your ideas if you have ever toyed around with the Bonanza interface. In what ways would you say it contrasts with marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon & Etsy?

If you have not utilized the Bonanza platform yet, please do yourself a favor & try out the free trial. This is a great system for folks that do not require getting bogged down with complex site & marketplace marketing/selling tools. It has all the fundamentals for getting your products/items posted & selling within minutes/hours. After you have tried out Bonanza, also drop us a line in the comments area below to share what you feel about this.


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