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Marketing Video Courses on the Web with Shopify – Sky Pilot vs SendOwl vs Uscreen

Marketing Video Courses

Marketing Video Courses: Every web entrepreneur need the ideal platform to get started selling/marketing & Shopify has proven to be one of the ultimate choices to sell/market products, whether digital or physical, together with providing functionality for generating attractive storefronts, processing payments & also utilizing CRMs with the aid of apps.

How about marketing video courses on the web with Shopify?

The average video course makes about $7k on Udemy, though various sellers can bring in over 6 figures annually – contingent upon the content & work invested into the courses. Put in mind, that’s not even counting video course makers that create their own sites & establish their own audiences.

Sky is the limit with regards to selling videos on the web, and Shopify offers 3 apps to get it started: Uscreen, SendOwl and Sky Pilot.

This subject was pulled from a discussion about the portals in the Shopify Entrepreneurs FB group, thus we chose to expand on the topic & make a detailed review on which app is best for creating video sales on the web. Keep perusing to find out more about each of the video selling apps, as they each deliver something distinctive.


The SendOwl solution is marketed via the Shopify app shop, making it swift & simple to install on your store. Additionally, you can market from social media, other websites, from your blog or via emails.


  • Responsive checkout for mobile device viewing.
  • Multi-language aptitudes for reaching out to folks that do not speak your language.
  • Receive payments via PayPal, Bitcoin & credit cards.
  • Invite affiliates to market your videos.
  • Pre-checkout & post payment upsells.
  • Run promos where users can receive discounts.
  • Utilize a lightbox to make it appear like the SendOwl checkout system is on your website.
  • Utilize drip content so you do not have to market all your content at once.
  • Generate a mailing list via spots as MailChimp & Campaign Monitor.
  • View dominant reports & analytics.

User Experience

SendOwl is an app for marketing every kind of digital file; hence it’s not principally designed solely for video courses. This makes it a bit trickier for handling your courses, though it’s precisely rather user friendly at the backend.

SendOwl is an app for marketing every kind of digital file;

At installing from the Shopify app store, it gets incorporated within seconds & it delivers a page just as any other product would show up within your Shopify shop.

At installing from the Shopify app store

Users can add a video to a shopping cart & input their payment data within a few secs.


You can either opt to have the video file download link at the checkout page, within the thank you email content or as a streaming file straight from the site.



SendOwl offers a free trial for up to 30-days. Also you can launch out with a $9 monthly subscription & move all the way up to $39 every month.

The details of SendOwl packages are as below:

  • $9 every month: 10 products, customization & 1GB storage
  • $15 every month: 30 products, customization, affiliates, PDF stamping and 3GB storage
  • $24 every month: 100 products, upsells, 1 subscription, affiliates, video streaming, PDF stamping, customization & 5GB storage
  • $39 every month: 250 products, customization, 3 subscriptions, affiliates, upsells, video streaming, PDF stamping, and 15GB storage

Sky Pilot

The 1st app for selling/marketing video courses on the web is Sky Pilot, which has awesome reviews & comprehensive videos for administering your shop & getting everything setup.


We love Sky Pilot, since it tends to have a robust partnership with Shopify, putting everything in your store & never redirecting your users via a 3rd-party module. What more can be expected from Sky Pilot?

  • Order management
  • Update management
  • Customer profile integration
  • Quick and secure content delivery
  • Streaming videos with Vimeo
  • Recurring subscribers
  • No external redirects
  • Pre-sale opportunities

User Experience

Sky Pilot maintains the appearance & feel of your website, while a choice such as SendOwl takes the users to a totally new SendOwl page – though SendOwl does own a lightbox that generates the illusion of lingering on your site.


Sky Pilot system backend is the most basic, with only a few tabs for administering files, products, orders & settings. The system also delivers step by step instructions to get all setup with your videos.



With regards to the frontend user experience, the videos are revealed nicely on whatever pages you elect, permitting for hidden content & incorporation with customer profiles. With this customer profile merging – comes one of the best parts of Sky Pilot, as folks can manage their accounts & view precisely which videos they have purchased.


The layout is contingent on the Shopify theme you select, but in whole, streaming is swift, the videos are well organized & everything stays within your own branded Shopify website. The checkout process is as anything else you would sell or market via Shopify.



Sky Pilot does not offer a free trial, though this is totally okay, as you can utilize the free account for as long as you desire. You can check out the pricing plans underneath to grasp an idea for what you can anticipate:

  • Free Plan: Plain text emails & file storage of 2MB
  • Bronze Plan at $15 monthly:, Vimeo integration, Plain text emails, 1GB file storage, 20GB download bandwidth & $0.25 per GB extra download bandwidth
  • Silver Plan at $30 monthly: HTML & plain text emails, 5GB file storage, 100GB download bandwidth, Vimeo integration & $0.25 per GB extra download bandwidth
  • Gold Plan at $75 monthly: HTML & plain text emails, 25GB file storage, Vimeo integration, 250GB download bandwidth & $0.25 per GB extra download bandwidth


Uscreen is a wholly unique experience, as it isn’t sold via the Shopify app shop. This makes it a bit monotonous, as you must reach out to the company to make the integration. Though, the integration is not all that hard and the feature-set makes up for the additional step of contacting Uscreen to merge the interface with your Shopify shop.


  • Setup a pretty frontend interface that appears like Netflix.
  • Limit users from sharing content with unapproved users.
  • Permit viewing on mobile gadgets/devices.
  • Brand your video & payment centers.
  • Allow users monitor their progress via your video programs.
  • Offer certifications & tests.
  • Check out detailed reports & analytics.
  • Schedule content contingent upon when you would like users to view the videos.
  • Offer PDF, video and audio content.

User Experience

With regards to aesthetics, Uscreen is the best option – as it appears so much like Netflix. Its backend is all run via the Uscreen site, thus it’s a bit inconvenient in that regards, but once you get acclimatized to it – you shouldn’t have any issues branding your videos, creating lessons & managing your users.


The frontend, as aforementioned, is as nothing you’ll find on the marketplace.


Your video library reveals itself in grid-format, which can then be positioned within the shopping cart. The customer stays at your website & can input their payment data.


After such, every user can view their acquired videos on a single page.


Not to mention, the mobile interface looks pretty nice.


Uscreen offers a 14-day trial & it only provides one-pricing plan that begins at $99 monthly. This comprises the following features, though if you would like more users – then you must reach out to the company to talk about price.

  • Up to 1000 users monthly
  • Upload & host up to 100 videos
  • Limitless views & bandwidth

Which of these Video Course Options Should You Select?

You can consider SendOwl if you…

  • Would love to launch an affiliate program for your videos.
  • Are looking at utilizing upsells and discounts.
  • Want to provide “pay what you desire” pricing formula.
  • Do not mind running payments via a 3rd-party – though they do deliver a lightbox that makes it appear as if it’s going thru your site.
  • Would prefer a much better value for premium features.

Try SendOwl now

You can consider Sky Pilot if you…

  • Are pressed for money, as it comes with a free plan.
  • Want to keep all video broadcasting & transaction procedures within your own website.
  • Desire downloading directly from the Shopify App Store.
  • Require integrating with your Shopify customer accounts.
  • Love Vimeo…

Try Sky Pilot now

You can consider Uscreen if you…

  • Love the way Netflix is setup.
  • Would prefer including testing, assessments, certifications all through your video programs.
  • Need a thorough tracking & reporting system.
  • Desire offering your users admission to video times, progress tracking & scoring.

Try Uscreen now

Now up to you…

Selling or marketing video courses online can serve as a lucrative business venture, thus utilize this comparison to understand your ideal choice when operating with Shopify. In case you have any queries, please feel free to drop some comments or opinion within the section area below.

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