7 Step Guide to Operating Awesome Contests on Your Ecommerce Shop

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Operating Awesome Contests

Operating Awesome Contests: As a person that owns an app ( that aids businesses improve – I am continually astounded by some of the contests marketers are running to engage their spectators. Contests are one of the most varied forms and appealing forms of marketing that occur, no two are the same & there’s so much you can do to make the experience exceptional for participants.

In case you are reading this blog, one would think that you either own an Ececommerce shop or planning on building one at some point in the future. Please know this from me; online stores are in the ideal position to leverage contests to drive engagement & revenue growth. For what reason is this?

  • You have nearly limitless access to products/items to giveaway
  • Consumers love to win products/items
  • Contests permit you to keep your loyal customers affianced all year round (more on this much afterward)
  • You can align contests with shop events (like flash sales or product launches)
  • Contests permit you to spread your message cross channel, though funnel the collected data into a single point of apprehension
  • Contests can be the most cost effective form of attainment you will ever do

Within this content, I am going to let you into a few skeletons in the cupboard that some of our consumers are utilizing to pull in hypergrowth with contests. Let’s dive into this.

Create Giveaways into the Fabric of Your Shop

The initial error I often observe shop owners make is trying to concentrate on utilizing contests to drive new clients alone. Although what if I told you that your best asset is your current customer base? Going directly into that will permit you to expand the campaigns reach to new prospective customers, for free!


Such approach is incredibly easy & highlighted by a great sample above. In case you do steady giveaways, then run them from a devoted landing page on your shop & make it easy for your consumers to access that page.

It functions best with a static URL such like:

This lets you to drive all the promo & tactics to a URL on your own website. I truly believe that the days of fitting contests on Facebook tabs is gone, potential clients are more likely to purchase if they are at your shop so drive them there by all means. This also offers you the luxury of presenting them exit offers or other popups that you may have ongoing.

Bonus Hint: Not administrating a contest? Utilize this page to create an email list of consumers interested in your next one. And then you have an immediate target audience to promote it to.

Create Gratifying Experiences Around Product/Item Releases

Think of every new product/item that you create or release as an opportunity to promote your shop. You can do this in a few diverse ways; the most typical is simply to give away the product subsequent to it being launched.

Think of every new product/item that you create or release as an opportunity to promote your shop.

But a much more cutting-edge way is to utilize contests to generate hype in the lead up to launch. Why is this more efficient? It lets you to create an active list of engaged users that need the product over a lengthy period of time.

Bonus Hint: Not only that, as once the contest is over – you can particularly market to this audience with very targeted product/item messaging & provisions.

Leverage Organic Resources to Push Campaign Engagement

As a shop owner – you spend all your strength creating your brand & audience, thus it makes sense to leverage such audience to aid intensify the reach of your contests right?

As a shop owner - you spend all your strength creating your brand & audience,

Several numbers of awesome methods you can utilize as below:

  • Generate a popup banner to let consumers be aware that you’re running a contest/competition
  • Embed the contest within your order thank you page so that end-users can engage with it after they have bought
  • Pre-launch your contest/competition earlier enough to email subscribers to make them feel exceptional
  • Run a site-wide bar with ‘call to action’.


You can observe the last period we ran a contest what kind of engagement we received from the simple bar across the top of the page being revealed to all our clients/customers.

  • 05-growthcapture
  • Add a link within your template to your contest
  • Redirect users to your contest subsequent to their joining your newsletter
  • Change all the links on social media to your contest landing page (Twitter/Instagram Bio etc)

Bonus Hint: When posting at Instagram, mention to your users to visit the link in your bio to enter the contest.


Align Entry Categories with Anticipated Marketing Results

This one looks like a no brainer but regularly I see customers/clients just desiring to get Facebook Likes or some other egotism social metric.

Should I offer you 1 Million Facebook Likes now, what would you do with such?

Many folks cannot answer this question & if you cannot – then you are probably running a contest for the wrong motives.

Rather, take a step back & think about what you require to help you grow/advance. Generally the main deal here is netting email addresses, improving the awareness of your product or letting folks be aware of your outstanding Father’s Day sale.


Okay, what do you do as soon as you procure the email address? (quite much more on this below).

Have a Robust Follow-up Strategy Aimed at Revenue Generation

This leads me well to my next point. Contests require time, planning & effort to execute correctly. You have to think through the following:

  • Promotion
  • Prizes
  • Entry collection
  • Fufillment
  • Followup
  • Manging partners
  • Syncing data to your systems

This means that you generally have to own a resource devoted to making the campaign occur. This is precisely the reason why you should be considering about how you drive revenue, and tracking such.

The easiest method to drive revenue is to get the users to purchase products/items:

  • Forward out a special offer or coupon code post entry
  • Forward out a consolation offer once the contest is done with. Add discounts off the prices that were in the contest/competition
  • Utilize the contest to gather data about what products/items users prefer, then personalize your communication to these

Here’s a cool sample underneath from DODO case:


Utilize Contests to Augment Your Customer Info


Incentives permit you to collate more data from customers that you typically would be able to with customary opt-in forms.

You can utilize this to your benefit by appending & collating to your CRM or consumer profile, then utilizing such data to further section how you showcase content or forward communications to the user.

Archetypal data captured might consist:

  • Social profile info
  • Kinds of contests they commonly engage with
  • How energetic customers are within your campaigns (consider rewarding devoted users)
  • Email or newsletter inclinations for your email marketing
  • NPS data or Reviews  about their experience
  • Social photos from hashtags of consumers utilizing your products/items – which you can utilize for social proof


Operate With Partners to Widen Your Reach

Contests do not require being all self-contained within your shop or brand. At certain times locating the right partner to do your contest rightly is a special means to get exposed to new users.


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