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Mashcommerce is a great resource of informative material for online sellers, developers and marketers. We strive to provide the best reviews, news and inspirations regarding online store platforms that help online sellers to make the right choice when it comes to ecommerce platforms. Mashcommerce is a transparent website which will show you the good, great, bad and ugly of online store software and apps. Our story about Mashcommerce began when I searched for the best online store platform, to help one of my best friend to sell his “socks designs” on the internet all over the world. I was surprised to see that there are some review sites that are quite biased and falsely ranked higher than others because of it’s higher budget. So I decided to create a transparent online store community, where we can grab to you the right information about online stores and apps.

There are several categories you could browse through, depending on your interests like eCommerce Selling Advice, eCommerce News, eCommerce Reviews, Articles, eCommerce Resources, eCommerce Comparison, Email Marketing Services Reviews, Shoppies, eCommerce Websites and eCommerce Apps, Tips and Tutorials, Inspiration and such.

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P.S. We launched (Beta) on April, Thurstday 21th,  2016, official release June 2016.